Garden Types

We create all types of gardens
Contemporary with terrace in West Yorkshire

Contemporary Gardens

Contemporary or modern gardens have sleek designs, straight lines and great planning. Ideal for busy lifestyles where you want to enjoy relaxing in your garden rather than working in the garden.

Cottage Garden in Ripponden

Cottage Garden

The cottage garden is a distinct style of garden that uses an informal design, traditional materials, dense plantings, and a mixture of ornamental and edible plants. English in origin, the cottage garden depends on grace and charm rather than grandeur and formal structure

Traditional or Formal Gardens

Traditional or Formal Gardens

A formal garden in the Western gardening tradition isĀ  a neat and ordered garden laid out in carefully planned geometric and symmetric lines.

Kitchen and Vegetable Garden

Kitchen and Vegetable Garden

The traditional kitchen garden, also known as a potager, is a seasonally used space separate from the rest of the residential garden – the ornamental plants and lawn areas.

Vegetable gardens are becoming ever more popular with the increase of self sufficiency.

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